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Understand your current health with an in-depth look at your cardiopulmonary circuit, VO2 max, and individual macro- and micro-nutrient needs.

IncludesResting Metabolic Rate; True lung & heart age; Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation; Rest & Stress test

Customized Treatment Plan

Your assessment exposes underlying root causes of heart or lung conditions that may be limiting your performance. A customized treatment plan will help you reach your full potential.

IncludesIndividualized nutrition program; Tailored exercise program; Positive Reinforcement & Motivation

Actionable Recommendations

It can be difficult sometimes to put those treatment plans into action. LifeScape's experienced providers breakdown recommendations so they are easily understood and applied. 

Includes: Ideal heart rate for weight loss & improved fitness; A specific exercise routine based on VO2 max; Macro- and micro-nutrient meal plan; Additional nutritional educational resources



The answers you've been looking for.

This comprehensive diagnostic test would have previously required a referral to the pulmonologist, cardiologist and nutritionist. Now, you can complete the assessment and testing in the comfort of our state-of-the-art facilities, with a provider you know and trust.

The CPET testing is one of the many ways our team is providing prompt, accurate patient screening, diagnosis and disease prevention & management solutions.

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Reap the benefits of our revolutionary approach to healthcare

At LifeScape Premier we combine functional medicine with integrative medicine to help patients achieve whole health for a whole life. Functional Medicine is a process for evaluating the root contributors of health and disease with a goal to optimize health and reverse or prevent chronic disease. Integrative Medicine is the medical specialty focusing on application of a variety of alternative or complementary health strategies to address your health challenges.

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True Partners in Your Health

Not only do our providers spend additional time with you at each visit, with our Comprehensive Concierge memberships you receive priority scheduling and direct access to your physician 24/7 via phone, text or email. We are committed to helping you achieve ideal health and vitality.